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Your habits today determine your tomorrow

If you have goals to achieve and or want to live a healthy and prosperous life over time, you must start with the right habits today. Habits are fundamental factors that contribute to your physical and mental well-being, just as they are fundamental for you to reach your goals. Therefore, they need to be seen as activities essential to life, such as: eating, drinking water, communicating. Good habits often depend on a discipline that needs to be built.

A good option, which helps a lot in building this discipline, is to set realistic goals in your daily schedule and meet them without question. Do not allow the mind to question: “I am / I am not in the mood”, do not treat goals as if they were a choice, but rather as something non-negotiable. Here the most important thing is constancy. If you don’t like to exercise, start with an achievable goal of thirty minutes, three times a week, establishing days and times. If you are going to learn to meditate, or another action that involves time, you can start with five or ten minutes and gradually expand. What cannot happen is to stop carrying them out.

Also something important and that can facilitate compliance with the agenda is to visualize that there is space in your day, for duty and for pleasure. To do this, when planning your schedule, put all the activities on your agenda: those you don’t like and those you like. This will make, for example, the three tasks related to physical exercises that you established: thirty minutes, three times a week, to be diluted among the others in the seven days of the week and thus be accepted with more peace of mind.

Another aspect to be considered as a facilitator is the establishment of days and times. This prevents your mind from creating excuses and distractions. Otherwise, the task could become heavy and amidst the mind’s countless distractions and excuses, you could be led to suffering and a great loss of energy. If the task is accomplished, you will be led to satisfaction, a feeling of “duty accomplished” and more than that, a strengthening of your conscious will.

However, the mind will always seek a true mental duel. If, on the one hand, it seeks satisfaction from the task performed, on the other, it seeks escape and escape to other alternatives as a way of delaying and even not complying with the planned action. As if they were two parts of yourself fighting each other. The objective of the discipline is to create the force of habit, that is, to comply without “inventing stories”, thus avoiding the mental duel and the waste of energy.


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