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Have you already adopted the “4 AS” in your life?


It means making space in your day to stay in you. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Normally our mind is “flying”. We are doing one thing and thinking about another. We have hundreds of thoughts every day and most of them are the same. That’s why I call this first A, Landing. Land. Stop. Spend a few moments with yourself. Breathe. Make a meditation at some point in your day that you dedicate only to you. And if you still resist the idea of ​​meditation, you can dedicate this time to writing – put on paper what you want to change, your goals or a present situation that you don’t like. When you externalize and see from the outside, it is easier to have insights and thus see the possibilities for resolving conflicts and achieving your goals.


It means recognizing the situation you are in. Acceptance is fundamental if you are going through a difficult situation. The second “A” is accepting, which does not mean submitting, this needs to be well understood.
We tend to fight, not accept and even deny what bothers us. We do not accept the end of a relationship, we do not accept that the co-worker is the way he is, we do not normally accept people as they are, etc. When we fight and we’re thinking “this couldn’t have happened”, “why is he such an idiot”, “I can’t believe this is happening to me” – we are putting more stress on the situation. Tension upon tension. How can you deal with what you deny? With what you don’t accept as reality? When we accept, that is, we recognize and face the circumstances as facts, we start to see the situation in a different way, we learn to deal with it in a more adequate way and from that, to see opportunities for change.


It is already scientifically proven that practicing gratitude brings countless benefits to your life. Practicing gratitude daily shifts your focus. Learning to appreciate, really being grateful for the good things in your life is the third “A”, with that you will be happier. This does not mean seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. It means a change of mindset.
We are used to focusing on problems, lack, what doesn’t work and complaining. This negative focus was acquired as a result of the media (which sensationalizes everything that happens negatively and dedicates little or no time to positive facts) and also, many times, the way we were educated.
If you adopt gratitude as a daily practice in your life, in a short time you will see more positive things than negative ones. Consequently, it will attract more good things. Remember: what you focus on increases. Do the test. But be genuinely grateful – that’s what will make all the difference.


The only way to make your future more interesting than your past is to learn. The fourth “A”, therefore, is learning! Always learn! Have you noticed that many people always talk about things from the past – remembering good times? This happens because they probably don’t have interesting things in the present or future prospects. They stopped learning, innovating. Keeping the mind active helps maintain a good memory, contributes to the elasticity of the brain and makes us more resilient to deal with circumstances. Read about a subject that inspires you, learn a new sport, a new skill. Be curious!!! Dedicating time to the new brings energy, motivation and makes your life more interesting.


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