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How are you nurturing your life?

The word nutrition refers us to a concept linked to the study of the processes by which the body receives, uses and eliminates the nutrients ingested through food.

However, in a broader view, we can consider that nutrition involves other aspects, in addition to these processes.

For example, at the beginning of a baby’s life, the ideal diet is essentially breast milk, whenever possible. But it’s not just food that the baby is nourished. He also receives love, attention, affection, affection and countless sensations through the senses: smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste, among other perceptions of the emotional field.

Adult life is no different.

Nutrition is a set to be considered at 360 degrees, that is, body, mind and spirit. With regard to the body, we seek to choose the best foods, drink good quality water and, at best, take care of food with awareness in order to provide the body with a variety of nutrients that will make it healthy.

In relation to the mind, or mental health, this nutrition is directly linked to the “environment” that surrounds us and it is of fundamental importance that we take care of the entire environment that surrounds us and that we make good choices so that we have good sensory experiences and emotional. And the spiritual life also deserves attention, as there are already several studies that claim that the connection with inner strength or with faith in something superior makes the human being more complete and balanced.

What’s the problem then? It’s just that many times, we lead life on autopilot and we don’t realize that to a greater or lesser extent, within what is possible in its particularity, we can choose in addition to the food we eat, we can make the best choices for all areas of our life.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a set of questions to help you reflect on how you’re nourishing yourself. Remember to consider your power of choice for each situation and you can replace, limit to a minimum or even completely eliminate what is not good for you.

Do I have true friends or for convenience?

Is my romantic relationship healthy or abusive?

Am I having experiences that make me smile inside?

Am I surrounded by people I love, like family and friends? Here, you don’t necessarily need a physical presence, but support and trust are fundamental.

Am I having experiences of being in contact with nature?

Am I in touch with my body: breathing, sport, yoga or physical exercise in general?

Am I allowing myself to be with myself, even if it’s a little time?

Am I having conversations about ideas and projects or am I just talking about people’s lives, (gossip)?

Am I treating myself with kindness and compassion or am I always too hard on myself?

What is the quality of my thoughts? Are they productive or destructive?

Does the content I watch or read contribute to my personal or professional growth?

What are the things in life that don’t serve me that I can let go?

Have I celebrated my achievements? And it doesn’t matter big or small.

Am I happy for other people’s achievements or do I compare myself, feeling inferior?

Think very truthfully about all this. It’s about you for you! I want you to find a balance of nutrients for your life and I make myself available if you need it.


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